reviews on spanking websites
The Complete Spanking List a a comprehensive list of the best spanking websites on the internet. The list includes spanking websites dedicated to spanking pictures, spanking videos, and spanking movies. There are also links to free spanking pictures and free spanking videos.

Recommend Sites - 7 sites for 1 low price!
A site that produces their own amateur spanking videos. All of the models are young and attractive. The videos we have seen of theirs are quite good. This is true amateur spanking at its best. They deal realistically with "daddy/daughter" discipline. Long lectures, hand spankings, strappings and more. The spankings are not particularly severe, but they make up for it with cute models and realistic scenarios.

All About Spanking
A comprehensive spanking directory with a complete listing of spanking website reviews, forums, blogs, other directories, spanking sites, spanking stores, spanking art and a small collection of bondage links all separated by category and searchable.

All About Bondage
A comprehensive spanking and bondage directory with a complete listing of spanking and bondage website reviews, forums, blogs, other directories, bondage sites, specialized toy stores, spanking and bondage art. Very user friendly and surfer safe!

Asian Spanking
A site protected by netverifier that provides very nice Asian spanking content. The site is a little busy with all of the banners, but makes up for it with nice content in several galleries. Currently more than 350 pics in 18 galleries.

All Bondage Videos
An e-shopping site where you can purchase a huge assortment of full length bondage videos and DVD's. Several hundred titles (possibly thousands) in no less than 15 different bondage categories. You don't have to look long to find spanking videos here, not to mention the full Cal-Star catalog.

All For Spanking
A large collection of unique spanking photos and videos viewable by category. A comprehensive listing of spanking links around the web with customer reviews and ratings.

AmateurSpanking Pictures
If you like, you will love this site. All exclusive spanking pictures from the video shoots. You will not find these pics anywhere else, not even on! Come view super high quality grabs of all your favorite models!

Adele Haze's "Spanking Model Speaks"
This is a well written blog from the prospective of a spanking model, and her feelings on spanking, and other matters. Adele is living in the UK, but originates from Eastern Europe, and has some interesting insights into bing spanked.

This new site brought to you by the Real Spankings Network has everything you have come to know and love about the RealSpankings crew. Hot models, hard spankings, and now juicy girl/girl sex! As always, the site offers all exclusive spanking content, but with a twist: great bondage discipline scenes, and some of the hottest lesbian sex on the net. Updated every other day, this site is sure to please!

Bad Boys Spanked
Women take the power back from the boys who learn to give it up! Meet the two women responsible for making sure every bad boy gets his just desserts! There a great selection of videos and pictures. A good site with plenty of spanking content.

Bondage for Vanillas
A blog for the beginner to advanced bondage enthusiast with news, articles, how-to guides, tips and interesting stories. A good site with multi-week updates and really in-depth product and website reviews.

Bun Beating Fun
"Drop dead gorgeous models and porn stars lured into sleazy motel rooms with promises of rich reward only to have their bouncing bottoms laid bare and spanked piteously." This is the real deal. These folks, whose forte is clearly the disciplinary style spanking of men's magazine model stereotypes, don't hold anything back when it comes time to "thrash the devil" out of these "wicked women". They also produce all of their own material so everything you'll find here is 100% exclusive. The site, which is clean, intuitive and easy to navigate, consists of both a free area and a CCBill protected member's area. The former includes, amongst other goodies, the company's DVD store, a riotous "Mission Statement" that simply has to be read to be believed, and an extensive tour which includes dozens of free video clips. The member's area meanwhile features all of this company's films. These hard hitting otk spanking movies are available for both streaming and download.

Bad Secretary
Site protected by Verotel. Great all exclusive spanking pics and some videos based on the secretary theme. Somewhat limited choice of content, but what is there is good stuff. Well worth a visit!

Bobbie's DropSeats
The very best collection of adult spanking clothing! Bobbie has been producing her adult dropseat pajamas for several years now and is very well known in the spanking community. Her clothing line consists of everything from babydolls to pantaloons to adult diapers. Site now also includes spanking videos, spanking pictures and spanking artwork!

Bum Rap Productions
Bum Rap Productions is the website for videos produced by actress-writer Tasha Lee. Plenty of Free pictures and videos!

Bars And Stripes
"The only prison where bad girls pay the price for their crimes...". offers a unique view into a prison for deviant women where corporal punishment is a way of life. Harsh spankings and public humiliation are used consistently and effectively to punish and rehabilitate these ladies. The site is clean and very easy to navigate, with galleries broken down by inmate and by section such as The Governer's Office, Cell Block, Intake Office and more. All exclusive content and regular updates raise this site above the bar.

Black Panther Designs
A free spanking/fetish model database listing photographs, biographies and other information about aspiring and professional spanking/fetish models. Are you a production company looking for that perfect spanking/fetish model? Look no further!

Big Booty Spankings
Big Booty Spankings focuses on big beautiful black, latina, and white booties getting beaten hard. They currently sell movies featuring lots of big booty action.

Corner Time With Dana Specht
Protected by CyberAge. This is a tribute site to the legendary disciplinarian Dana Specht. Site includes images, videos, stories, diary and an online store.

Captive Tales
A really hot blog by Mistress Alex with articles, reviews, news, stories and a personal journal on spanking and bondage. With tips, hilarious mishaps, in-depth product and site reviews, creative spanking and bondage stories, and free original content, Captive Tales is a great place to find everything.

C.F. Publications
Free site where you can purchase literally hundreds of spanking stories from many different authors and all kinds of spanking genres.

Consumer's Spanking Video News & Reviews
An all free site who's main purpose is to review spanking videos and spanking websites for quality. This site is a must visit for anyone interested in purchasing a spanking video as they include a comprehensive review of most of the top video producers. In addition, they have begun reviewing some of the more quality spanking websites letting you know if they are worth the money.
The first Chinese corporal punishment producer. An all free site listing Chinese punishment videos for sale.

Caned Girlfriend
Site protected by AdultCheck. Like caning? This site is all caning, all the time. 10 galleries of great caning pics, plus BDSM and spanking personals and a message board.

Cyan Stories
Story site featuring erotic stories of all sorts: spanking, bdsm, pure sex, fantasies...etc. Members area protected by MembershipPlus. A great story site packed full of amateur adult stories and fantasies. Probably the largest collection of adult stories we have seen in one place! A great site.

Dallas Spanks Hard
One of the newest additions to websites that film their own spankings. From what we can tell on their website, their videos all feature hard spankings and pretty girls. Their member's area offers large galleries and all of their videos are for sale. Now with weekly updates and a bevy of new, never before spanked bottoms!

Dana Specht
Well known for strict discipline of naughty boys and girls, Dana now has a website. On her website you can purchase her numerous videos. In addition, she offers a member's area with video clips, photos, etc.

Domestic Spanking Blog
Domestic spanking blog featuring pics and video previews from less well known sites updates.

Devious Toys
An e-shopping site with lots of general BDSM supplies, and some spanking supplies. Custom floggers available, as well as various paddles and slappers.
Specializing in providing top quality dungeon furniture and toys for the discriminating adult. One of the largest online selections of fetish toys and furniture we have seen yet! Spanking benches, wall crosses, paddles, straps, bondage ties and securing instruments, floggers and much more! All handcrafted by "lifestylists" for "lifestylists".

Discipline And Desire
The best original spanking fiction on the net. Free area with sample stories and members area protected by CCBill. The most spanking stories and novellas we have seen in one site yet! Spanking stories with a wide variety of themes and encounters

Dungeon Pleasures
Bondage furniture, spanking tools, fetish clothing and more! A slick, easy to navigate e-commerce site offering all the tools of the Lifestyle. Excellent selection of whips, paddles, leather implements, bondage chairs and benches, cages, sexy clothing and much more!

EC's Erotic Art and Fiction
This is one of the most unique sites, featuring full length punishment stories and complimenting digital graphics. Very easy to find your way around. The stories are divided up into chapters and are well written.

Tasteful illustrations of ladies getting spanked. One of the best spanking art sites currently on the net. Endart provides brilliantly drawn spanking artwork spanning many different genres: Brats, schoolroom, jeans, maids, ongoing spanking comics, spanking stories and much more. The site is categorized well and is clean and very easy to navigate. Extensive free area and members area with billing services provided by CCbill.
A completely free spanking website. This site brings you reviews of other sites, tons of free pictures, links to the major spanking Toplists, and much more. This site is the perfect jump station for those into spanking. You can access almost all major spanking lists, links, and sites from here. No AVS, no banners, no crap, just pure spanking.
Hard spanking movies from Europe made of a high standard. Strange atmosphere, beautiful girls, interesting scenery and costumes. The large crew creates something enduring every month. Every movie comes out on DVD and VHS.

Firm Hand Spanking Videos
Site with a free area and members area protected by Lancelot Security. This is a production company that produces its own full length, exclusive spanking videos. Free area contains a brief description of the videos they sell, but no free samples. Picture samples of the current videos are in the members area, as of this review they had no video samples up but were in the process of doing so. Great spanking videos here! Hot teens and real spanking action. Come see high school senior hottie Amy Denison, one of the most beautiful spanking models we have seen.

Far East Media
Free area and members area protected by GloBill. We have been in the business long enough to know good spanking content when we see it...and this is it! The guys over at Far East Media seem to specialize in giving gorgeous girls hard spankings which usually end up in some kind of sexual contact, either between the spanker and spakee or the spankee and a dildo. Outstanding spanking content that you can view online, or purchase on DVD or VHS. A must see site!

Full On Punishments By UK Ladies
A small clips for sale site with clips of women spanking men using paddles, hairbrushes, straps and more. Scenes with multiple spankers and single spankers.

Girl Spanks Girl
Erotic, sensual and disciplinary Female/Female spanking from Clare Fonda. This site features beautiful women getting disciplined. A fair amount of content.

Girls Boarding School
Membership site protected by Inet-Cash, as well as a payment option by a dialer. One of the cleanest and easy to navigate sites we've seen in a while. The site produces their own content so all of the pics and videos inside are exclusive material. The model is very cute and she can take a good spanking. At the time of this review there were already over 20 galleries of exclusive spanking content and they update weekly so this number will grow quickly. A must see site!

Hard Spanking Vixens
Site protected by CCBill. A great, all F/m spanking site. Site provides all exclusive females spanking males content. Updated at least two times a week with all new content. Rarely seen on other F/m sites, many of their punishments contain multiple females on one male, as well as themed sessions (Police woman, Nurse, Customs officer..etc.).
This site features exclusive Japanese Gilr-Girl Spankings, with cute modles. This site provides an interesting look and unique Japanese situations into the spanking world. The site features both an English and Japanese versions, Vidoes are in Japanese but contain English subittles.

Joy of Spanking
A complete spanking directory with spanking and bondage website reviews, links to forums, blogs, review sites, articles and a collection of spanking photos and videos.

Journey To The Darkside - Blog
A Star Wars themed spanking/BDSM blog. Anakin and Shyanne are a real life TPE couple who have most generously opened thier minds and their bedroom for the world to see. Their blog includes daily entries of thoughts and bemusings as only a true power exchange couple can offer; along with erotic stories, personal spanking pictures and much more. Visit today for a great twist on the blogging phenomenon.

Kane Online
Kane was the first in many regards to provide the world with quality corporal punishment content. Now 25 years later the founder's daughter has taken the torch (or cane in this case). Their new website offers pictures and videos, as well as a place to order the hard to find "Kane Magazine". Kane has been doing it longer than almost anyone else, so go and visit their site!

Kara Prepare Yourself
Brought to you by the illustrious Clare Fonda, Kara Prepare Yourself follows a a girl who goes to live with her aunt and is exposed to various punishments. Kara, her friends and even her cousins are always getting into trouble of some kind. Fortunately Aunt Gwen knows exactly what to do to curtail undesirable behaviour. Lots of spanking, humiliation and anal discipline. Free area and members area protected by CCBill.

Loving Domestic Discipline
A blog site featuring a lot of articles about discipline and punishment. Very nice layout, easy to find what you are looking for, and a lot of good content to read.

Leather Rose
A little known supplier of spanking videos. You can buy new and used videos from them. The biggest bonus is that they offer a video exchange program. Send them a spanking video and choose one of theirs for $6. Our experience is that the videos are not the best quality, but for $6 you can't complain.

Lina's House of Discipline
Site protected by CCBill. Lina loves to spank men, and it shows! Ever wanted to see a hot cheerleader paddle the daylights out of a man? Here is your chance. More fine F/m content from the producers of VixenLadies. Lina wields her instruments well, which makes for some very sore bums. Lots of all exclusive F/m spanking videos and pictures. Site is updated at least twice weekly, resulting in no shortage of great content.

Ladies Who Punish For Pleasure
Ladies who punish for pleasure is as the title suggests a site dedicated to ladies who like nothing more than to punish men and sometimes women just for the sheer enjoyment of doing so, although at times they will appear to be really angry with the man/woman they are chastising. A small membership site that also offers clips for sale.

Miss K Stricktland
Expert caning and spanking services. Site with free area and members area protected by Ibill. Free area gives a good description of services rendered, as well as some free pictures from the members area. The members area only contained images at the time of this review, but there were alot and they were all exclusive. Schedule your own punishment session with Miss Stricktland.

Ms. Margaret H. Davis
An all free site which contains a wealth of information on SCONY (The Spanking Club of New York). Site contains schedules of spanking parties, general information on spanking and corporal punishment, message board, chat room, spanking articles, and the ability to purchase spanking videos. A very informative site.

Michelle Carlyle
A great spanking fiction blog, dedicated to stories by Michele Carlyle
"The way of your lifestyle". Quite simply the BEST lifestyle implement and accessory online store we have found. A huge selection of paddles, crops, canes, bondage accessories, ropes, collars, medical equipment and books and magazines. A beautiful, easy to navigate site with secure online shopping. The best equipment you will find for your lifestyle.

Mood Pictures
A new player in the spanking video industry, but one who will surely go far! Mood Pictures offers great full length spanking videos for sale on both DVD and VHS. The site is clean and easy to navigate, and customer service is prompt. Beautiful girls and hard spankings, everything we could ask for!

Malflic, Tempting Sensations, and Lust
A blog based story site that that features a mixture of intense M/F and F/M fictional spanking, bondage, and erotic stories along with the occasional real life escapades and mishaps of the author and his Chesty Blonde companion.

Mrs Birch's Discipline School
Mrs Birch's Discipline School is designed for adult boys and girls who enjoy old-fashioned Corporal Punishment and traditional Discipline as part of a consenting lifestyle. A place to relive your "chalk dust memories" and live once more in an age when "To spare the rod, was to spoil the child".

No spanking list would be complete without including Nu West and Leda. This company was the first to ever produce spanking videos and have been doing it ever since. They feature some of the hardest punishment spankings ever filmed. Chances are, half of the spanking pictures and videos you have viewed on the Web come form a Nu-West production. Nu-West has quit doing catalog mailings, so you can now only get their videos online.

Northern Spanking
Site protected by Ibill. Offers a free area and extensive members area. Great all original spanking pics, videos, stories and more! Also offers information on how to attend their spanking parties in the U.K.. Great site!

Natty's Spanking Blog
A personal account spanking blog with erotic stories, daily accounts and funny spankings.

Northern Spanking
Site protected by Ibill. Offers a free area and extensive members area. Great all original spanking pics, videos, stories and more! Also offers information on how to attend their spanking parties in the U.K.. Great site!

Outlaw Video Productions
Outlaw sells spanking clips and full videos. Expect new releases almost weekly with numerous positions and implements being used.

Pink Flamingo Publications
One of the largest spanking story sites we have seen. In fact, this isn't just a spanking story site. Pink Flamingo publishes complete spanking novels and stories. On this site you can order their paper copies or order online and download the novels directly to your hard drive.

One of the best spanking and BDSM sites we have seen. This site is huge, containing galleries upon galleries of hardcore, spanking and bondage pics and videos. The videos come in both RealPlayer and Divx format, as well as the ability to purchase their content on CD. Site also has some great info and philosophies on the BDSM lifestyle. Updated weekly! Membership site protected by CCBill.

Phantastique Discipline
Site protected by Verotel. Extensive free area. Great site offering loads of spanking content. Categories include: Sound Spankings, Discipline Fantasies, Bad Girl of the Month, Pictoral Stories, Spanking Pictures and Book & Movie Reviews. A wide variety of excellent spanking content.

Punished Brats
"Where the naughtiest girls get the punishment they deserve...". is the brainchild of the founder of the excellent review site offers several FREE galleries of outstanding, all exclusive spanking content. See David take Pixie over his knee for a hard handspanking followed by a strict caning and more. The site also sells full length, all exlusive spanking DVD's. In all, one of the best free spanking sites currently online.
Five of the top spanking sites for one low price! offers one username/password and one low price for the best five spanking sites on the net:,,, and With up to 11 spanking fresh updates per week you will never have a shortage of quality spanking content with this pass! - 7 sites for 1 low price! Films
The very best in online spanking videos has opened up their film studio. Their debut release "RS Institute of Learning Road Trip" is now on sale. This full length feature runs 2 hours and 40 minutes and features more than 22 separate spankings. Check it out today, their film site has free video and picture samples from this amazing movie.
The best of the best in spanking sites. Features all exclusive content filmed by them. Their focus is on disciplinary punishments that result in real marks and tears. The are the very hardest and very best paddling videos ever produced. Dozens of videos and pics in free section, more than 300 videos exclusive to their site in the member's section.
Founded on the principals of education and strict punishment, RSI brings you the very best in Institutional Punishments. The Real Spankings Institute is a correctional institute for troubled girls aged 18 - 21. Any deviation from the strict code of conduct results in severe corporal punishment.

RealSpankings Films Pay Per View
Now you can watch all of RealSpankings Films full length spanking movies from the comfort of your computer! Hi-Res, downloadable versions of our full length spanking movies offered in both broadband and modem versions. Prices starting at just $9.95 for a full length movie!

A Czech company who has quickly become known for the hardest spanking videos ever filmed. All of their videos feature beautiful 18-19 year old girls, who consent to very severe discipline. In every video you will see young ladies punished to tears with results on their bottoms that last for weeks. Nowhere in the world can you buy M/f videos more severe than these. Note: we have personally ordered from them and can assure anyone placing an order that, although they are in the Czech Republic, you can count on getting your video in less than 10 days.

Raven Hills Studios
A long time producers of spanking videos featuring young ladies and hard spankings. There website is very large and offers photo galleries, streaming videos, products for sale, and live video chat with their girls. We have always found Raven Hills videos to be great.

Spanking the way it use to be. Membership site protected by Netbilling. A very interesting site providing spanking stories, news clippings, cartoons and images from times past. Great collection of historical spanking material.

Real Life Spankings
"The first interactive, realistic amateur spanking site on the net". Members area protected by Verotel. A great new amateur spanking site featuring the real life spanking relationship of Mike, Kelly and Yashaa. All original spanking pictures and high res videos, a chat room, forums and much more. However, one of the best things about this site is the members actually get to help direct the sessions! That's right, submit your own spanking scene and this spanko trio will film it and post it on the site for all to see! Good content and great subscriber communication, you can't ask for much more.
Bondage and Fetish Erotica. Huge site of nothing but bondage images and videos. Like girls tied tight? This is your site! The internet's premier amateur bondage, fetish and torture archive.

Robo Spanker
The world's first robotic spanking machine. Can't find anyone to give you that spanking you deserve! No worries, Robo Spanker is here. In the spirit of Fucking Machines, this automated spanking machine will paddle your ass red. Site also sells the Vibrating Spanking Bench and the Sex Machine For Men.


The Spanking & Punishment Top 100
The largest and best moderated spanking top 100 on the web. All the sites listed here are carefully screened to make sure the site is a spanking site and not filled with a bunch of scams and blind links. You can count on quality sites that only deal with spanking and punishment.
Easy to find the spanking content you want! Good selection of pictures and videos! And not to mention, Sam is one good looking submissive. Check out this site, you will enjoy it. Free samples are offered that give you a nice sneak peak.

Spanking Bug
A free spanking site with a directory to a large collection of spanking links, free spanking photos and videos, spanking website reviews and a daily article on spanking scenes past and present.
This genuinely free site is concerned with consensual adult spanking. Spanking, birching and caning books, spanking and caning stories, link, personals and forums.
While this site is dedicated mostly to the proomotion of their spanking services, they do have a very nice looking school setup. Images from many of their events can be found online for free, and DVDs of certain sessions can be purchased.
This spanking site is loaded with good spanking content! Very easy to find what you're looking for. Several picture galleries and windows media videos.
This site is created for the spanking connoisseur who appreciates hi resolution images, and they do include videos too.  This site features mostly Mf spankings, with women, not girls.
A very nice looking web site featuring several beautiful women getting the punishment they deserve! Free pictures are available to non-members. Several picture galleries and videos to view!
This site is unique in several ways. The first, is the wide selection of videos from many different producers. They have secured deals with all of the leading spanking video producers for use of their videos. This means their content is exclusive. They have clips from the entire collection of Rigid-East Video. They also feature videos from Magnum, Amateur Spankings, Red Hot Video, Moonglow, Realspanking Video Productions, Sting in the Tail videos, and many more. They update with at least 30 new videos a month and the content is always brand new. You will not find all of the old recycled spanking videos on this site.

Spanking Models
If you ever had a desire to star in a spanking video, this is the site for you. They run a studio in Colorado that pays top dollar for spanking models. While their focus is on finding female models, they do also use male models, who work for free of charge. If you are in need of money, they pay up to $1000 for less than 15 minutes of spanking, pretty good wages!

Spanking News Blog
FREE News & Updates on Beautiful Girls Punished by Stern Women. The FF Punishment Specialists offering the latest FREE News and content from the UK Spanking Scene.

Spankmaster General
One of the newest all exclusive spanking sites to come online. They feature UK style punishment with very beautiful models. Their pics are all high quality and the galleries are put together in a easy to navigate magazine type format.

A nice change to see a site that is advertised as a free site an actually is. This site features many spanking pictures with no AVS or membership required. Just free spanking pics!

SSN's Spanko Diary
This lady has been blogging about her live and spankings for quite some time, really some great stuff.

Spencer Plan Spanking
A cooperative solution for domestic discipline, interesting articles and a contract for couples as a way to release frustration and enjoy a consensual spanking.

Sting in the Tail Videos
A company that produces the very finest in English Corporal punishment Videos. Currently they have 17 videos for sale. All their videos feature hard CP action and beautiful models. A site and videos well worth checking out.

Spanking Thumbnail Gallery Post
A huge collection of spanking images all thumbnailed and categorized. Here you will see some of the best pics that various spanking sites have to offer. No AVS, no membership, ALL FREE.

Spanking Abuse
A nice spanking site protected by CyberAge Platinum. This site has over 14 galleries of severe spanking images and spanking videos. They seem to focus on the more severe spanking and corporal punishment pics and vids.

Spanking Facts & Research
Tons of information about spanking even some data about Celebrities that have been spanked at least those who admit to it.

Syren Productions
Producers of spanking and Femdom movies. All of their movies are Femdom related. The site is free and contains pictures of the mistresses as well as descriptions of each of their videos along with sample pictures.

Spanking Drawings
Protected by CyberAge Platinum. This site offers hundreds of original spanking drawings and spanking art.

Spanking Teen Brandi
What can we say, but wow! This membership site (no AVS) features Brandi, a real 18 year old teen who loves to be spanked! On her site you will find lots of spanking pictures and spanking videos from this beautiful, 18 year old vixen. Site also includes a multitude of nude galleries with Brandi in various poses looking like a young Playboy Playmate, as well as a message board where you can communicate with her directly. Lots of free pictures and videos.

Spanking Teen Jessica
Another wow! Where are these girls coming from!?!?!? Here we have Jessica, an 18 year old red head into anything and everything from spanking to bondage to hot girl/girl action. Membership site with lots of free samples. Site contains galleries upon galleries of pictures and videos featuring hot little Jessica getting hard spankings, being tied up tight in bondage play and going down on her girlfriends!

Site advertising spanking services for naughty boys and girls. This female spanker based out the U.K. provides all kinds of spanking punishments.

Spanking Factory
A free spanking site with a directory to a large collection of spanking links, free spanking photos and videos, spanking website reviews and a daily article on spanking scenes past and present.
Spank Partners UK
A fun site to meet others interested in the same things. Spank partners has a forum and chat features.

Provides original streaming spanking videos and galleries of images. Site has an AdultCheck area as well as a members area protected by CCBill. Content is somewhat limited but the girls are cute and streaming video means no wait time!

Spanking Top 100
Free toplist site listing a "who's who" in the spanking world. List contains links to hundreds of quality spanking sites.

Spanking Digital
Full spanking movie direct downloads. High quality, high resolution full length spanking videos streamed directly to your computer!

Spanking TGP
Free site with many free spanking galleries. Lots of spanking links here!

Spanking Japanese Girls
Site protected by CyberAge. Nice site containing pictures of all Japanese girls being spanked, tied up tight, and bent over in position. This great site also includes some videos.

Sabine's Spanking Site
A German site protected by X-Access. Site can be difficult to navigate because of the all German language, the use of frames and the many rotating banner ads. However, persevere through it all and you will find lots and lots of spanking content. Easily several hundred spanking pics, and at least 80 - 100 spanking videos. Though not all exclusive material.

Spanking Dreams
Site protected by CyberAge Platinum. Contains several galleries of mostly main stream spanking pictures. Although most of these pics are available scattered throughout the net, it is nice to have them all collected into one site. Very clean and easy to navigate.

Spanking Images
1000's of spanking image sets for one low price! Fresh spanking photo sets updated weekly. Hard spanking action!

Sarah Veitch's Punishment for Pleasure
A completely free site listing spanking and corporal punishment stories featuring author Sarah Veitch. Read free excerpts from Sarah's spanking fiction and buy online!
Free area and members are protected by A unique site that offers a huge selection of spanking videos on cdrom and online. Buy the full videos, compile your own cd with videos of your choice, or join the members area!
A completely free site featuring hundreds of free, severe spanking pictures in four galleries: Severe Hand Spankings, Severe Paddlings, Severe Canings and Severe Strappings. The site is also used by spanking webmasters as a TGP site so there are many links to other top rated spanking websites. One could literally spend hours perusing the many free pictures and website links found at this site. Visit now!

Spanking Blog: Spanking Stories & Spanking Links
Finally, someone builds a spanking blog site! Great little free site with lots of good spanking information and links to spanking sites and toplists.

Spank Me Hard
Site offering full length, mainstream spanking videos for online streaming. Site includes M/f and M/m spanking videos for sale.

Sound Punishment
Site protected by Verotel. Great free area and a very extensive members area. Regular updates containing all exclusive spanking videos and spanking pictures. Several galleries of "Guest Photo Sets". High quality videos, very real spankings and an easy to navigate site make this listing a must visit!

Spanking Online
One of the most extensive spanking membership sites on the net! Literally thousands of galleries of spanking pictures and spanking videos. Multiple billing options.
Looking for great Femdom punishments? Look no further! One of the premier Femdom spanking sites on the net, StrictLadies delivers. Awsome high resolution photos, high quality Windows Media video clips, updates every 3 days and beautiful women who love to spank sets this site apart. Protected by Ibill.
SpankInc is devoted to the lifestyle and toys of BDSM. These handcrafted spanking implements will take your sub to new heights of pain and ecstasy! Quality, handcrafted wooden paddles, leather straps, beautifully engraved paddles and much more help this implement craftsman stand out from the rest. Warning, these implements are not for the faint hearted, but are meant to satisfy only the true spanko! Fast order processing, excellent customer service and an outstanding product will keep this company around for a long time.

Shadow Lane
Shadow Lane has long been one of the leaders in the online spanking community. This spanking powerhouse offers outstanding, all exclusive spanking movies via VHS, DVD and online streaming. In addition, their online store also offers spanking novels, implements, novelty products, spanking publications and more. Their newly added Member's Clubhouse is the premier online spanking personal ad service connecting spankos all across the world. Finally, no spanko's life is complete without attending one of the twice yearly Shadow Lane spanking parties. Connection with others in the community for a weekend of spanking play and networking.

A new online spanking theatre from the folks at This is a subscription based site which showcases downloadable video clips, VOD and still image galleries all taken from Ohh Tee Kay Productions' extensive library of spanking movies. The site offers two updates per week usually containing at least two, 3 minute long video clips along with 250+ jpg video captures and two 10 minute long slide shows. In addition subscribers can apply their subscription cost to any of the full length VOD movies inside the members area resulting in a $9.95 discount on the VOD purchase. The site is clean and very easy to navigate and is billed through CCBill. All in all a great deal.

Tri-Spank TGP
One of the largest spanking specific TGP's on the net. Hundreds of free spanking galleries and daily updates in categories such as M/f, F/m, F/f, Movies and more!

Tribute to a Strict Woman
This site is protected by CyberAge and offers some excellent spanking pictures and videos. The content seems to provided by so the site is updated regularly.

The Spank Spot
An all free site providing goodies and services to the spanking community. Site includes spanking links, spanking postcards, chat, forums and adult classifieds. No images or videos.

The London Tanners
High quality, hand crafted leather paddles, straps, strops, belts, tawses, whips and martinets. The London Tanners offers the best quality, authentic Victorian reproductions of classic spanking implements we have seen yet. Visit the site now and browse their huge selection of these beautiful hand stitched implements. When you are ready to buy, ordering is fast and simple. A must see site!

The Old Russian Woodshed
Site is protected by FreeNetPass Premium, and has no free area. Members area contains clips from several obscure Russian spanking videos. You are almost guaranteed not to see these clips anywhere else. The quality of the clips are just ok, and they are in the DivX format. It is the content of the clips that is intriguing, severe Russian discipline indeed! We would have liked to see the webmaster include the spanking producer's information (such as name and where to purchase the videos), so if you visit the site be sure to harass him for this information.

Tempest Spanking Blog
HAPPILY Married with two kids that all make me feel blessed. I am 5'7, 120lbs and 41years old, work full time, I hope you enjoy my stories on my blog fit for spanko's!

The Spirit's Studio
Truly one of the best all original spanking websites on the net. The Spirit's Studio is part all exclusive spanking pictures and videos, and part all exclusive spanking artwork. The pictures and videos include some of the most beautiful women on the web being spanked in some very hot and provocative positions. The spanking artwork is some of the best on the web and surpassed by none! Other content on the site includes such themes as upskirts, tickling, bondage and more. Regular and consistent updates keeps this site fresh. Extensive free area and members area protected by TicketsClub.

UK Spanking Models Directory
A free photo directory listing the details of models in the UK spanking film and web site industry. The directory photographs of all the models and has direct e-mail forwarding to all the models, some of whom also offer 1-2-1 spanking services and spanking parties.

Vixen Ladies
Site protected by CCBill. The best F/m spanking site we have seen in a long time! Outstanding all exclusive F/m spanking content. Many galleries of F/m spanking pictures, some online videos, full length videos on DVD in both PAL and NTSC. Stories, artwork and more. A must see site!
The home of Miss J and the Colorado Disciplinary Institute. See a place where men report to a real disciplinarian for very real punishments. All punishments at the Institute are filmed and brought to you on their site. Warning- these are not fun little handspankings, these men are punished with straps, paddles, and canes and are not dismissed until their butts are sore and bruised. Some of the best F/m punishment videos we have ever seen.

World's Hottest Spanking Websites
A large listing of some of the most popular spanking websites.

World Corporal Punishment Research
More of an academic site but provides pretty much every documented case of corporal punishment. There is a heavy emphasis on judicial punishments, but all aspects of corporal punishment are covered. A lot of information here and well worth a look if you are interested in real corporal punishment as practiced in the world today.

Whipped Ass
Membership site with free samples. Excellent site that offers original spanking pictures and spanking videos. Site also includes links to fetish newsgroup listings, live shoots and chat.
U.K. manufacturer of quality BDSM equipment. Just about everything you would want for the Lifestyle, from whips, paddles and tawses to furniture, restraints and jewelry! Visit now for free shipping to U.K. customers!
Women spanking men blog and free spanking pictures. A couple which produces and sells some of their own amateur spanking videos and photos.

Yes Mistress
Membership site protected by GloBill. This is one of the best Femdom sites we have found. Lots of spanking and fetish punishments given by very beautiful, dominant women. The site is ran by Bernice Beirers, a very well known dominatrix in the UK. Site contains pictures and videos as well as information on how to schedule your own session with Bernice or one of the other Ladies.

Yorkshire Spanking
A completely free site ran by a real life U.K. switch. Her site includes free spanking content such as spanking pictures and spanking stories as well as information regarding her regularly held U.K. based spanking parties. Spanking parties, lots of free spanking pics and stories, and spanking services! What more could you ask for!

Zen Bondage
Site protected by AdultCheck. Contains several galleries of all original spanking and general bondage pictures, as well as some very good bondage picture art.

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